The Must-Have Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts.

If you are working in an office and using Microsoft Word for your schoolwork, you want to cut down on the time it takes to do some of the basic things and be efficient.

If you must stop and reach for your mouse, you will be taking more time and slow down your typing speed. These shortcuts can save time. The guide will be useful, and you will want to start using them today.

Word’s Ribbon Shortcuts The Ribbon at the top of the screen gives you access to all the virtual programs features, and you don’t have to use the mouse. If you want to use the ribbon entirely using your keyboard, you can do the following steps. · Press and release Alt. An overlay will appear; it is called Access Keys. · Press the Access Key indicated to switch the Ribbon tab you are looking to use. · Press the Access Key for the command that you need to use next. · Some of the Access Keys have more than one keypress- press the keys in sequence, and you will get the appropriate keys.

Word Keyboard Cheat Sheet Some people do not want to use Ribbon Shortcuts. They would rather use the keyboard shortcuts. Below you will find the top 40 keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Word. I find that I use the list as a reference. I have saved it to my computer to open it if I need to remind myself. My chart works on both the macOS and Windows, but if you will use it on the Mac, you will have to press the Command key when you see the Ctrl. Working with a document Using the following codes will allow you to open an existing document, create a new document, save a document that you are currently using, open a save as a window, close the current document, and split the current document that you are working on. · Open a document: Ctrl + O · Create a new document: Ctrl + N. · Save the current document: Ctrl +S. · Open the Save As window: F12. · Close the current document: Ctrl + W. · Split the window: Alt + Ctrl + S.

Getting around in the document Now we are going to take a chance to more items around inside of a document. Some of the things that you can do are move the insertion point, move one word at a time, move one paragraph at a time, move to the beginning of the current line, move to the beginning of the document, move to the end of the current line, and go to the end of the document. · Move the insertion point: Arrow. · Move one word at a time: Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow · Move one paragraph at a time: Ctrl + Up/Down Arrow · Move to the beginning of the current line: Home. · Move to the beginning of the document: Ctrl + Home. · Move to the end of the current line: Ctrl + End. · Move to the end of the document: Ctrl + End. To edit the documents that you have. There are many different things that you can do within the document. Some of them are cut the section that you are working on, copy the section that you are working on, copy contents to the clipboard, change the font to bold, Italics, underline and underline words only, Make the font smaller, center, make the font bigger, change the text so that it is uppercase or lowercase, put in a page break, and add a hyperlink. · Copy the current selection: Ctrl: C. · Cut the current selection: Ctrl + X. · Bold: Ctrl + B · Italics: Ctrl + I · Underline: Ctrl + U · Underline words only: Ctrl + Shift + W · Center: Ctrl + E · Make the font smaller: Ctrl + [ · Make the font larger: Ctrl +] · Change text to uppercase: Ctrl + Shift + A · Change text to lowercase: Ctrl + Shift K. · Insert a page break: Ctrl + Enter. · Add a hyperlink: Ctrl + K.

Selecting Text You can do different things to select the text inside of your document.

  • Select everything in the document: Ctrl + A

  • Select text one character at a time: Shift + Arrow.

  • Select text one word at a time: Ctrl + Shift + Arrow.

  • Select from insertion point back to start of the line: Shift + Home.

  • Select from the insertion point to the end of the line: Shift + End.

  • Enter selection mode: F8.

  • Cut text to the spike: Ctrl + F3.

  • Paste the spike: Ctrl + Shift + F3.

Using tables

I know that when I am working within the tables, I have a hard time going back and around. So, some of these cheats will make the job much easier. Some of the things you can do are move to the next cell, can move to the previous cell, go to the first cell in a row, go the last cell in a row, top of a column, bottom of a column,

  • Move to the next cell: Tab.

  • Move to the previous cell: Shift + Tab.

  • Move to the first cell in a row: Alt + Home.

  • Move to the last cell in a row: Alt + End.

  • Move to the top of a column: Alt + Page Up.

  • Move to the bottom of a column: Alt + Page Down.

General tasks

Some basic items that you can do with general everyday items.

  • Undo: Ctrl + Z

  • Redo: Ctrl + Y

  • Help: F1

  • Zoom: Alt + W, Q

  • Cancel: Esc

I hope that you will find these items to be as useful as I do.

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