Google Docs or Microsoft Office

Just a few years ago, you had few choices when it came to office productivity software. Now we have two popular ones. Google Docs or Office, both of which have a cloud base system.


The features of both are going to play a significant role when it comes to choosing which one you want to use for your needs. Some people use both, but sometimes this is harder for the users.

Both have the same basic features, but you must use the internet to work on Google docs. With Microsoft Office, you can do it either online or offline.

I find that the Google Presentations and PowerPoint Presentation had some differences that stood out.

· Google Presentation seems to require more manual adjustments than the PowerPoint Presentation.

· PowerPoint Presentation also had more themes to choose from than the Google Presentations.

Browser Compatibility

When it comes to Web browsers, both work well with anyone you are using, but they both like their own better. Google Docs works better with Chrome, and Microsoft Office works better with Internet Explorer.

One problem that I found was that Microsoft Office did not like working with Internet Explorer. It did have a warning that not all items would work the features on Google Docs.

Both programs did not like Firefox until I made changes to the setting in the options and had to clear my history and cache.

When looking at the browser compatibility, I would have to say that I will stick to my Internet Explorer when it comes to Office Web Apps or the Office. I would stick with my Chrome if I were going to use Google Docs.

File Fidelity

I would have said that in most cases that Microsoft would win this area. As with a lot of things in 2020, we have seen many changes.

Even with Microsoft word having the edge in some areas for businesses. More schools use Google Docs because Google is free.

Real-Time Collaboration

Google Share is one of the best-selling points for Real-time Collaboration. Not only can you share the file, but you can also work on the doc simultaneously.

To give Microsoft their due, they have also made more advances in this area. I feel they will continue to make changes to the area of sharing.


I would have to say that if you love a good deal, then Google Docs is the one for you. The cost of Google Docs is zero.

Microsoft Office cost starts at around $6.00 per user, so if you add that all up for a family or a company, it adds up.


When Google Docs first came out, they had Google Drive, which allowed you to store your files on the internet to use them wherever you wanted to work.

Now with One Drive and other storage options for the user allows you a greater choice when it comes to storage and will enable you to do the same as you do with your Google Drive.

Operating Systems

Microsoft can only work with some systems, as Google Docs works with all as it works on the browser.

Microsoft works with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Which is better? Google Docs or Microsoft Office

After reviewing each of these programs' pros and cons, it all comes down to your needs. If it comes down to spending money, it could go another way.

I have to say that I find that Google docs work the best as it can be used with my google drive, with my Gmail account, and everything is in one place. If you notice, over the last couple of years, Google has added different add on.

Schools and small businesses find that it is easier for them. They do not need to have the software at home and on your work computer.

For some of us, change is hard, and we will stay with the Microsoft word that we have used for years, but for others, it is a time for a change.

Lastly, when purchasing the software, you are buying Microsoft in parts vs. Google Docs to get all the apps.

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