Lookout Windows 10 is coming out with a new update in May 2021

Microsoft saying that it will be coming out with a new version of Windows 10. It looks like this update will be being released in May 2021.

The Update will not have many new features. The one major change would be if you own a laptop it will have to do with the Windows Hello webcam. With the change, you will be allowed to select the Hello webcam as your default camera.

Windows 10 21H1 has been designed to fix bugs, some of the fixes are for Windows Defender Application guard browser, copy performance when file sizes go over 400MB.

A list of some of the improvements included in the update are as follows:

  • Fix a memory leak in Internet Explo

rer 11 that occurs when you use the Chinese language pack.

  • Issue with certain COM+ callout policies that cause a deadlock in certain applications.

  • Prevents certain Win32apps from opening as a different user when you use the runs.

  • Fixed issue that displays unexpected screen during the Windows Out of Box Experience.

  • Fixed issue that can cause a deadlock when a COM server delivers an event to multiple subscribers in parallel.

  • Fixed issue in Advanced display setting showing the incorrect refresh rates for high dynamic range display.

  • The issue that causes video playback to flicker when rendering on some low-capable monitor.

  • The issue that will sometimes prevent the input of strings into the Input Method Editor (IME).

  • The issue exhausts resources because Desktop Windows Manager (DWM) leaks handles and virtual memory in Remote Desktop sessions.

  • The issue with the stop error that can

happen at startup.

  • The issue that might delay a Windows Hello for Business (WHfB) Certificate Trust deployment at the Setting.

  • The issue that might happen that prevents some keyboard keys from working, an example of this would be home, Ctrl, or left arrow keys. Most of the time this happens in the Japanese Ime input mode to Kana.

  • Removed the history of previously used pictures in the user account profile.

Fixed the high memory and CPU utilization in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

These are some of the changes that they are going to be making. Most of the changes will not apply to things that you are working on or you will not notice the changes. But if you find that you are having a problem or if you have any questions about the changes let us know and we will be happy to explain the changes and how they will affect you.

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